March, 07 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Tony Abi Saab and his rumoured girlfriend, Dinorah Cobos conspired of multimillion dollars against the US

Tony smuggles firearms and Cobos frauds in defense contract in war-torn countries

The world knows the miserable situation of Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan still, there are some people who, for quenching their thirst of wealth are helping the rebel and terrorist groups in these countries. To double the suffering of people and to intensify the war, Tony Abi Saab, an avaricious businessman sells weapons to the anti-Army group and gets hefty tax-free profits in return.

International military troops deployed in these war-torn countries are in a continuous fight with the rebel groups but are losing a battle to corrupt people like Tony and Cobos. The rumoured girlfriend of Tony, Dinorah Cobos is a US national. She worked for many of Tony’s shell companies and was an executive in Sima Salazar Group, a construction company in Afghanistan that duped multimillion dollars in contracts fraud of the US Army.

Tony, on the other hand, is smuggling weapons to the terrorists in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan. His company Brescia Middle East deals in arms and weapons with the foreign military and illegally with terrorists. BME launders the crime money obtained by Tony through his business deals with the terrorist groups. Later on, the hard cash is smuggled and distributed amongst the crime partners, that is, the shell companies spread all over Europe and the Middle East. Brixia, one of Tony's shell companies, produced spare parts for weapons and sold it in Syria's black market. According to the reports in, Tony supplied pistols and guns to Daesh through Turkey.

The avarice businessman executed fraud against the US Army of 5 million dollars and smuggled the weapons through porous borders of war-stricken countries. He used fake user end certificates on his products and easily delivered them to the rebel groups.

Dinorah Cobos was convicted for two years while Tony escaped the heavy jail term due to a technicality in the circuit court.

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