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US Army failed to prosecute Tony Abi Saab in a Military court which could have set a global precedence for corrupt contractors

Civil court trial of Tony Abi Saab create an aura of invincibility for contracts in Afghanistan which has led to increased contract frauds.

Shady arms dealer--Tony Abi Saab roams free and stronger than ever

US Army should learn from the mistake and deal with fraudsters like Tony in a military court.

By monitoring arms dealer, Tony Abi Saab, US law enforcement caught him red-handed in a sting operation

However, he proved to be smart and got away with a small fine, citing human rights violations against him while being interrogated.

How Brescia Middle East is laundering crime money collected from selling weapons to terrorists

People like Tony are helping terrorists to succeed in their motive of the destruction of the world’s peace.

How the non-existing Sarah Lee defrauded the US Army and the Afghanis

Sarah was a fake character created by Tony and Raymond to execute multi-million dollars fraud.

Tony Abi Saab s shady companies are weakening US military efforts in war countries

Brescia Middle East collects the laundered money from the illegal businesses of Tony’s shell companies like Sima Salazar and K5 Global.

Lebanese man making millions by supplying weapons to terror groups

The Middle East is associated with major terrorist activities, suicide bombing, and Al-Qaeda. At the same time, it is suffering from the war in Iraq and the ruthless fight between Shia and Shuni. The awakening of the mass struggle is real and some people like Tony Abi Saab is making their lives more miserable by supplying weapons to the terror groups.

Why media is afraid to cover the news of Tony Abi Saab s arrest

The business tycoon of Lebanon, Tony Abi Saab, and an international arms dealer was arrested in 2011 through a sting operation conducted by the special investigation team of the US, but no media platforms carried this news.

Can military ever win over corrupt contractors and arms dealers in the war-torn countries

War is if suffering for some then opportunity for others. In the Middle East where Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan are fighting a battle against terrorism, neighbors like Lebanon and Europe are seeking opportunities from the war.

Sima Salazar Group s defense contractors charged with bribery

In 2009, two contractors were charged with conspiracy and bribery for their roles in U.S. Defense Department contracts in Afghanistan. Gloria Martinez, her sister Dinorah Cobos and Cobos’ boss, Raymond Azar, president of the Lebanon-based construction firm Sima Salazar, carried out one of the largest contracting fraud schemes ever perpetrated against the corps. Martinez helped Sima Salazar Group to get reconstruction and other contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was believed that the sisters hid their family relationship from the Corps of Engineers.